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IFIP Working Group 2.11, Seventeenth Meeting

July 17-20, 2017 in Koblenz, Germany.

The meeting will be held in Koblenz, Germany, hosted by Ralf Lämmel (University of Koblenz-Landau).

The meeting will last 3.5 days; the first three days (July 17-19) will be full-day, whereas the last day (July 20) will be a half-day session. Recommended arrival is afternoon/evening of Sunday 16 July. Recommended departure is noon Thursday 20 July.


The meeting will take place at Contel Hotel Koblenz (Google Maps). The hotel is right at the Mosel River, it is less than 1km from the most beautiful parts of the old city. If the weather is nice, you can walk to the hotel from the main station. Otherwise, get on the bus (3/13, direction Güls) and get off after 9mins at Ludwig-Erhardt-Str. The deal for the conference hotel assumes that we are also booking rooms in the same hotel.


Frankfurt Airport is well connected to Koblenz. Terminal 1 is connected to the regional and inter-city/express train station. From the train station there is an hourly service to Koblenz. You may need to change trains in Mainz. The journey by train takes about 70 minutes. You should buy the train ticket online. Alternative airports include Cologne-Bonn Airport and Hahn Airport both with similar journey times. The Koblenz main train station is 2.3km from the conference hotel, several public transportation options are available; in particular: bus 3/13, direction Güls, station Ludwig-Erhardt-Str., travel time 9mins.


The deal for the conference hotel assumes that we are also booking rooms in the same hotel.

The price for a hotel room is 90 Euro per night incl. VAT and breakfast. (Note: If you travel with spouse, the price is 106 Euro instead, subject to change).

Please reserve your hotel room by email: hotel@contel-koblenz.de

Please cc laemmel@uni-koblenz.de so that the local organizer is aware of your booking and can assist.

You need to mention "IFIP WG 2.11" in the email reservation, and you need to mention arrival and departure dates explicitly: arrival should be Sunday 16 July, departure should be Thursday 20 July.

Here is a cleverly crafted hotel reservation mailto link that includes the relevant information.


To register add your name to the attendance list below (or email a chair-person to have it added for you) and reserve a room at the hotel (accommodation, above). The registration fee is 350 Euro.

You pay in two parts.

Part I: Conference facilities

(Note: If you travel with spouse, this part is not relevant for your spouse.)

Assuming you stay for the full period, you will pay 203 Euro with your hotel bill, to cover the related conference services.

For example: you stay 16-20 July (4 nights). Your hotel bill will be 90*4+203=563 Euro.

This covers use of conference facilities, refreshments, and lunch.

Part II: Catering and social events

(Note: If you travel with spouse, this part is relevant for your spouse, if she/he wants to take part.)

In addition to the hotel, each participant needs to pay an extra 147 Euro to "Landeshochschulkasse Mainz" (see below).

You can pay by bank transfer or cash onsite.

This covers all the social events.

You will receive an official receipt for the registration fee onsite. The receipt will specify a single amount as your registration fee for participating in the meeting.

Payment details if you opt for bank transfer (rather than cash onsite):

  • Amount: 147 Euro
  • Account holder: Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
  • Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Mainz
  • IBAN: DE25 5500 0000 0055 0015 11
  • BIC: MARKDEF1550

You must include this note to payee: 6501Ko/1509-28202/5142128

Also mention IFIP WG 2.11.

Make sure that you cover all costs of bank transfer.


Members: please add yourself here (in alphabetical order by last name) or email a chair-person to be added.

Nada Amin (except 20/7), Jacques Carette, Robert Glück, Atsushi Igarashi, Yukiyoshi Kameyama, Stefan Kronawitter, Ralf Lämmel, Julia Lawall, Christian Lengauer, Stefan Marr, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira, Markus Püschel (arrives afternoon 17th), Christoph Reichenbach, Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Chung-chieh Shan (at least the first two days), Tony Sloane, Friedrich Steimann, Vadim Zaytsev, Eric Van Wyk, Jeremy Yallop.


See below for schedule, note that the actual scheduling of talks will not be available until the meeting starts. Members: please add yourself and your topic, following the template below.

Program / schedule

Scientific program

The schedule will be posted here at the start of the meeting.

Social events

Social events are covered by the registration fee except informal reception on Sunday (one free drink, though) and the lunch on Thursday.


Here are some suggestions for things people might do if they extend their stay by a day or two.

  • Rent a bike and explore Mosel and Rhine rivers
  • Get to see some of the many nearby castles and fortresses
  • Visit Loreley
  • Give a talk at the CS department
  • ...