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Speaker: Ralf Lämmel, Software Engineer, Facebook, London

Public event: IFIP Working Group 2.11 ('Program Generation'), Eighteenth Meeting, https://wiki.hh.se/wg211/index.php/WG211/M18Schedule

Title: Program generation for schema-based, typed data access

Abstract: Program generation is a common tool to enable schema-based, typed data access, e.g., in the context of object-relational mapping, XML-data binding, or mapping from other data models (RDFS, OWL, JSON Schema) from and to objects or other program data or interfaces. Program generation is also used at Facebook in this sense in, for example, the Hack-based codebase where Hack types for database access are generated from appropriate schemas or mapping definitions -- the so-called EntSchemas. In my talk, I describe the EntSchema code generation approach in a bit more detail and hint at the challenges that such an approach implies for a codebase and an organization like the ones at hand. Afterwards, I initiate a relatively systematic literature survey to inform future efforts and to help with the discussion of the identified challenges at the meeting.

Slides: https://wiki.hh.se/wg211/images/f/f3/WG211-1806.pdf