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TeamPlay Project: Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-code heterogeneous PLAtformss by Ulrik Pagh Schultz, based on https://teamplay-h2020.eu/

This short talk gives an overview of the newly started European H2020 project TeamPlay that (amongst others) Kevin Hammond and I are taking part in. From the webpage:

  • The TeamPlay project aims to develop new, formally-motivated, techniques that will allow execution time, energy usage, security, and other important non-functional properties of parallel software to be treated effectively, and as first- class citizens. We will build this into a toolbox for developing highly parallel software for low-energy systems, as required by the internet of things, cyber-physical systems etc.
  • The TeamPlay approach will allow programs to reflect directly on their own time, energy consumption, security, etc., as well as enabling the developer to reason about both the functional and the non-functional properties of their software at the source code level.

I will both given overview of the project as a whole and of the specific usecases that I'm involved in: energy optimization for drones and a medical camera pill.