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From the airport to the hotel:

The hotel is quite near the airport. By taxi it costs around 150DKK and takes around 10 minutes. As you leave the baggage area, the taxis are at the exit to the right. Robert Gl�ck suggests that you tell the driver to take the road along the coast ("Kystvejen"). It might be a good idea to have the name and address of the hotel on a piece of the paper, as Drag�r is not so easy to pronounce properly.

Another option is to take the bus. The ticket costs 19DKK and can be bought from the driver. Busses are to the left when you leave the baggage area. The bus number 30 leaves the airport on Sundays at 18 minutes past the hour between 8am and midnight and arrives at Drag�r Stationsplads around 14 minutes later. On Saturdays, there is a bus every half hour. When you get off the bus, it is a short walk to the hotel, as shown [here]. On this walk, when you get to Drogdensvej, there will be a sign pointing left to the hotel.

Another option that takes 30-40 minutes is to take the train to T�rnby and then the 350S bus to Drag�r Skole. The train is at the far end of the terminal from where you come out of the baggage area. You can stop at the DSB kiosk and pick up a ticket, and then go to the track at the far end, for the trains going in the direction of Copenhagen. You want the train that is going to Copenhagen Central station (K�benhavn H). T�rnby is the first stop. On Sundays, it seems you can best make the bus connection if you take the train leaving at 39 or 59 past the hour. The end of the line for the 350S bus is Drag�r Stationsplads; Drag�r Skole is just before it. You can see "skole" marked on the map above.

You can find out more details about transportation schedules on [http://www.rejseplanen.dk/]. In the Fra/From section, type:

Lufthavn Udenr/Kastrup

In the Til/To section, type:

Drogdensvej 43, 2791

Public transportation in Copenhagen is by a zone system. You can make as many changes as you want within a certain amount of time within a certain number of zones. To go from the airport to the hotel requires a two zone ticket, which is valid for an hour. If you take the bus, you can buy it on the bus. If you take the train, you have to buy the ticket in advance. Tickets are not sold on the train, and there are frequent checks. The cost for a single ticket is 19DKK. It is also possible to buy a "klipkort" at the DSB kiosk, which allows 10 trips. A single klipkort can be used by more than one person. In any case, just show the driver your ticket if you need to transfer.

If you come early and want to go to the center of Copenhagen from the hotel, you need a 3 zone ticket, or two clips on a 2-zone klipkort. The most obvious way to go to the center from the hotel is to take the 350S bus to T�rnby station, and then take the train to either K�benhavn H or N�rreport.

At the airport, there is an ATM machine and a currency exchange just to the left as you exit the baggage area. If you have forgotten anything, there is a 7-11 convenience store further down the hall in the same direction. There are no shops near the hotel.

You can find some information about events in Copenhagen at www.aok.dk. Robert Gl�ck also put together some information about the area for another meeting: [http://www.diku.dk/DIKU-IST05/location.html].

As the name suggests, the hotel is right by the water. If you have lots of courage, you can bring your swimsuit :)