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IFIP Working Group 2.11, Eighth Meeting

March 1-3, 2010, St. Andrews Scotland


{kh,ch} at cs dot st hyphen andrews dot ac dot uk


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Meeting location

The meeting will take place in the center of town, in the Parliament Hall, which is on South Street.

More information about the meeting location is available [here].

Meeting schedule

The meeting will take place over three full days. Plan on leaving on the night of March 3, or on March 4.


Here are some links for bed and breakfasts:







More information about accomodations is available [here].

The price range is roughly 50-70 pounds per person per night based on two sharing. Single occupancy of double/twin rooms might be possible with some extra charge. Special offers might be possible for several days, e.g. named "Winter Breaks" at the Albany Hotel based on two people sharing.

More bed and breakfasts are available <a "href=http://www.stayinstandrews.co.uk/">here</a>

The nearest airport is Edinburgh, another convenient alternative is Glasgow International. Glasgow Prestwick might be an alternative if you travel Ryanair, but the train journey can take roughly 4 hours and you need to switch train stations in Glasgow, so it is recommended only if you arrive on Sunday afternoon not too late. You can find train connections [here]

St Andrews train station is in a small town "Leuchars" a few miles outside St Andrews. From there you can take a scheduled bus until about 10pm. Taxis are available as well for roughly 12-15. If you arrive at Edinburgh Airport, there is a bus into Edinburgh city centre where you get access to the train line via Haymarket (best) or Waverley station. If you need to arrive late on Sunday, please contact the organizers so they can arrange a shuttle bus.

Ride sharing

A taxi from the Edinburgh airport to St Andrews would cost roughly 50 to 70 pounds if booked in advance. The organizers will collect travel dates in February and then negotiate shuttle transport or taxi with the University's travel service.

More information about ride sharing is available [here].


Baris Aktemur, Sven Apel, Edwin Brady, William Cook, Ewen Denney, Simon Dobson, Bernd Fischer, Robert Gl�ck, Kevin Hammond, Christoph Herrmann, Chris Jefferson, Steffen Jost, Christian K�stner, Paul Kelly, Ralf L�mmel, Julia Lawall, Anne Fran�oise Le Meur, Christian Lengauer, Graham Markall, Greg Michaelson, Ian Miguel, John O'Donnell, Ina Schaefer, Ulrik Schultz, Eric Van Wyk, Eelco Visser, Stephanie Weirich, Ed Westbrook


To enter your title and abstract, instantiate a copy of the code below, removing the "-"s between the [ [ and ] ], and filling in your name and the talk title. If you click on the link, it should give you the option to create a page on which you can enter your abstract.

[-[WG211/M8Name][Talk title]-] Name

Virtual separation of concerns - Toward preprocessors 2.0 (slides) Christian Kaestner

An experiment with the fourth Futamura projection Robert Glueck

Safe Generation in Feature-Oriented Software Development (slides) Sven Apel

Costing by Construction for Box-based System Development (slides) Greg Michaelson

Programming for adaptive sensor networks: back to the future (slides) Simon Dobson

Online Partial Evaluation of Model Interpreters in Java William Cook

Relating Staged Computation to the Record Calculus (slides) Baris Aktemur

Software Product Lines (slides) Ina Schaefer

Datapath and control correspond to language and program John O'Donnell

AnySL: Efficient and Portable Multi-Language Shading Sebastian Hack

An embedded DSL for the parameterised specification, resource analysis and scheduling of systems composed of functional building blocks (slides) Christoph Hermann

Building IDEs for Domain-Specific Languages with Spoofax/IMP Eelco Visser

Generic programming with dependent types (slides) Stephanie Weirich

Bidirectional Attribute Grammars and their use in Extensible Languages (slides) Eric Van Wyk

DoMinion : Generating Efficient Constraint Programming Solvers Christopher Jefferson

Generating optimised multiplatform finite element solvers from high-level representations (slides) Graham Markall

Mint: Java Multi-stage Programming Using Weak Separability (slides) Ed Westbrook

Language Support for Robust and Reversible Self-Reconfiguration Ulrik Schultz

Implementing Domain Specific Languages using Dependent Types and Partial Evaluation Ed Brady

Discussion on teaching DSLs/program generation: Ulrik Schultz

Presentation of the German Research Priority Programme Proposal "Manycore": Chris Lengauer

Presentation of [researchr.org]: Eelco Visser


<tbody> </tbody>
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
9:00 Kaestner Weirich Dobson
9:45 Apel Brady Jefferson
10:30 Break Break Break
11:00 Schaefer Michaelson O'Donnell
11:45 Markall Aktemur Short presentations by Lengauer and Cook
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Glueck Excursion Discussion on teaching program generation and DSLs
14:45 Cook Excursion Hermann
15:30 Break Short presentation by Visser Break
16:00 Laemmel Schultz Van Wyk
16:45 Westbrook Visser 17:00 Departure
17:30 Business Meeting
19:00 Departure Departure

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