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IFIP Working Group 2.11, Ninth Meeting

December 1-3, 2010, Waterloo, Canada


The meeting will be held in the Davis Center (DC) Building on the campus of the University of Waterloo (see the DC Building on the [campus map]). The registration will be in the Fishbowl room in the DC Building. The room has a circular glass wall

you cannot miss it when you enter the building. The closest visitor parking in Lot N; the fee is $3 per day. See http://www.uwaterloo.ca/map/index.php#parking for more information. If parking Lot N is full, then you can try parking Lot M, which is nearby and always has spaces. Note however that parking Lot M costs a dollar more ($4 instead of $3), and accepts only coin payments (by contrast, Lot N also takes credit cards).


Arriving by air, you will fly into the [Toronto Pearson International Airport] (YYZ). Waterloo is about one hour drive from the airport. The most convenient way to get from the airport to the hotel is to take the Airways Transit Shuttle. You should pre-book the door-to-door service by visiting their [website]. The website has directions for the shuttle registration desk at the airport terminal; you should report at the desk after arrival for pick-up. One-way fare for the shuttle is $83 for a single person. You can save money if you book for a party of two or more. For example, one-way fare for two adults is $118; see their [fare calculator]. [Waterloo Taxi] has a flat fee of $90 per cab (not per person) with no other guests picked up.

Ride Sharing

Chris Lengauer will arrive on Tuesday, November 30, at 21:15 on Air Canada from Montreal

Bernd Fischer will arrive on Tuesday, November 30, 15:05, with Air Canada from London Heathrow. He may rent a car.

Yannis Smaragdakis will arrive on Tuesday, November 30, at 8pm from NY-JFK (Delta flight 4068), and leaves on Dec. 4 at 11:40am.

Eddy Westbrook will arrive on Tuesday, November 30, at 8:34 pm from Chicago (Continental flight 6972), and leaves on Dec. 3 at 6:20pm.

Christian K�stner will arrive on Tuesday, November 30, at 12:30 on Air Canada AC873 from Frankfurt


The registration deadline is November 15. The registration fee is CAD $238. In order to register for the meeting, please fill out and sign the registration form below and fax it or e-mail a scanned version (the fax number and e-mail address are specified on the form). We accept major credit cards or cheque payments.

The fee covers all meals during the meetings (breakfasts, morning coffee breaks, lunches, afternoon snacks and two dinners

one on Wednesday at [Sole] and the other on Thursday at [Wildcraft]. We will organize a group dinner for those who will stay in Waterloo on Friday (not included in the registration).

The recommended hotel is the [Waterloo Inn]. Please make your own reservation by calling the hotel at +1 (519) 884-0220 or toll-free at 1-800-361-4708. We reserved a block of rooms at the special rate of CAD $143 plus applicable taxes per night. To receive this room rate, please mention that you are with the University of Waterloo attending the IFIP meeting. The block of hotel rooms is on hold until November 1, 2010. Please make sure to make the reservation before then. It is possible to stay in the hotel at the given rate until Sunday, December 5.

The Waterloo Inn has a free shuttle to the University running every 30 minutes. A taxi drive is about $10.


Baris Aktemur, Jo Atlee, Kacper Bak, Emilie Balland, Thiago Bartolomei, Jacques Carette, Charles Consel, Derek Drayside, Bernd Fischer, Christian Kaestner, Oleg Kiselyov, Ralf Laemmel, Chris Lengauer, Ken Shan, Tony Sloane, Yannis Smaragdakis, Walid Taha, Eddy Westbrook


Talk slots are 45 minutes. Although the slots are fairly long, the goal is to provide time for discussion. Thus you should limit your speaking time to 25 or at most 30 minutes.

Breakfast will be provided, starting at 8:00. Dinner will begin at 6:30 on Wednesday and Thursday.


9:00-9:45: What Can the GC Compute Efficiently? A Language for Heap Assertions at GC Time Yannis Smaragdakis

9:45-10:45: Globally Parallel, Locally Sequential Walid Taha

11:15-12:00: Synthesizing executable code from declarative abstraction functions Derek Rayside

1:30-2:15: Open Platforms: New Challenges for Software Engineering Emilie Balland

2:15-3:00: WG211/M9Bartolomei Migration of Applications across Object-Oriented APIs Thiago Bartolomei

3:30-5:00: Discussion

6:30: Dinner


9:00-9:45: Variability Analysis of Legacy C Code: Parsing and Type-Checking Millions of Product Line Variants Christian Kaestner

9:45-10:30: Software Product Lines in Clafer Kacper Bak

11:00-11:45: DiaSuite: Paradigm-Oriented Software Development Approach Charles Consel

1:00-1:45: Ask-by-need: generating multiple-answer RPC/web requests Oleg Kiselyov

1:45-2:30: The structure of typed generic code generators Jacques Carette

3:00-3:45: Motivations for working on open-source software, Michael Terry

3:45-4:30: Discussion

4:30-5:30: Business meeting (members only)

6:30: Dinner


9:00-9:45: Language Processing in Kiama Tony Sloane

9:45-10:30: Towards a Generalization of Specialization Eddy Westbrook

11:00-11:45 The MetaOCaml files: Status report and research proposal Oleg Kiselyov and Chung-Chieh Shan

1:15-2:00: Extending code generators by transforming generated code Bernd Fischer

2:00-2:30: Modeling Programming Technologies Ralf Lämmel

3:00-3:30: Towards Combining Runtime Program Generation with Empirical Optimization, Baris Aktemur

3:30-5:00: Discussion

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