Digital innovations and Self-Determined Exercise Motivation

Project start:
1 March 2014
Project end:
28 February 2015
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Nicholas Wickström
Application Area:
Health Technology

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The future of health promotion in the form of e-health applications and interactive tools developed at breakneck speed, but despite this and a plethora of information about the health benefits of exercise, it has proved difficult to promote sustainable exercise behavior and motivation to exercise. The goal of this project is to develop and test an interactive tool based on the current motivational and behavioral research combined with modern expertise from the Information Technology, Innovation Sciences and based on ease of use and the needs of the e-health industry. In addition to potentially health-promoting effects at the individual and societal level through the promotion of sustainable exercise behaviors the project is expected to generate innovative digital solutions for e- health industry through cross-disciplinary application of behavioral theory, information technology and business model development.