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2D Map Alignment With Region Decomposition +Autonomous Robots  +


A Comparative Study of Fingerprint Image-Quality Estimation Methods +IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security  +
A Comparison of Ion Current Based Algorithms for Peak Pressure Position Control +SAE technical paper series  +
A Mobile Application for Easy Design and Testing of Algorithms to Monitor Physical Activity in the Workplace +International Journal of Mobile Information Systems  +
A New method for colour measurements in graphic arts +Color Research and Application  +
A Plan Manager for Multi-robot Systems +The international journal of robotics research  +
A Real-Time AdaBoost Cascade Face Tracker Based on Likelihood Map and Optical Flow +IET Biometrics  +
A SOM-based data mining strategy for adaptive modelling of an offset lithographic printing process +Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  +
A Serial-Parallel Panoramic Filter Bank as a Model of Frequency Decomposition of Complex Sounds in the Human Inner Ear +Informatica (Vilnius)  +
A Simple Virtual Sensor for Combustion Timing +Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement, and Control  +
A Simple trick for estimating the weight decay parameter +Lecture Notes in Computer Science  +
A Smart Home System for Information Sharing, Health Assessments, and Medication Self-Management for Older People : Protocol for a Mixed-Methods Study +JMIR Research Protocols  +
A Survey of Super-Resolution in Iris Biometrics with Evaluation of Dictionary-Learning +IEEE Access  +
A Symbol-Based Approach to Gait Analysis From Acceleration Signals : Identification and Detection of Gait Events and a New Measure of Gait Symmetry +IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine  +
A Transparent Decision Support Tool in Screening for Laryngeal Disorders Using Voice and Query Data +Applied Sciences: APPS  +
A Wearable Accelerometer Based Platform to Encourage Physical Activity for the Elderly +Gerontechnology : international journal on the fundamental aspects of technology to serve the ageing society  +
A biometric approach to laboratory rodent identification +Lab animal  +
A data-driven approach for discovering heat load patterns in district heating +Applied Energy  +
A feature selection technique for generation of classification committees and its application to categorization of laryngeal images +Pattern Recognition  +
A general framework for designing a fuzzy rule-based classifier +Knowledge and Information Systems  +
A hybrid approach to outlier detection in the offset lithographic printing process +Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  +
A kernel-based approach to categorizing laryngeal images +Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics  +
A mobile robot for mechanical weed control +International Sugar Journal  +
A modular CACC system integration and design +IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)  +
A modular, massively parallel computer architecture for trainable real-time control systems +Control Engineering Practice  +
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