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"TROLL": a regenerating robot +A robot which can detect faults on itself and try to mark or fix them  +


A Decentralized IoT Infrastructure: A comparative study +Compare different solutions for building a decentralised IoT platform  +
A Reliable IoT Messaging Protocol Based on MQTT Standard +In this project, we will modify the well-known IoT protocol, i.e., MQTT to consider a topic-based reliability strategy between the broker and subscribers.  +
A decision support system for reducing false alarms in ICU +Developing a clinical decision support system using machine learning and biomedical signal analysis techniques for an ICU setting.  +
A study about the future and usability of Bio-electronic “smart” implants in humans +Feasibility study on bioimplants in humans.  +
AI Enabled Service Market Logistics +Develop a toolkit for a successful implementation of an AI application for Service Market Logistics, with a working AI in a pilot environment and an implementation process evaluation as an output.  +
AI R&D at King +Reinforcement learning  +
AI for sustainability management and reporting +Connect AI models to sustainability / ESG (social, environmental, and governance) to enable automated processing related to EU sustainability regulations.  +
ActNormal +Driving Behavior Model Identification  +
Action Library for Robot Execution +Action Library for Robot Execution  +
Activity monitoring for AAL +Tracking of more than one person in a smart environment using fixed sensors and a mobile robot  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Build a series of increasingly sophisticated robot models in Acumen, to (1) explore mathematical formulations and (2) create tutorials and didactic examples.  +
Adaptive warning field system +Adaptive warning field system  +
Advanced AI based anonymization of traffic video data +Advanced AI based anonymization of traffic video data (with Viscando and Berge)  +
Agent and object detection and classification in a warehouse setting +Detection, and classification of different agents (manual driven forklift trucks, other robots, humans) and objects (such as pallets) in a warehouse environment  +
Air Surveillance for Airport Safety Using Autonomous Vehicles +Air Surveillance for Airport Safety Using Autonomous Vehicles  +
Algorithm development for realtime route planning +Project at Sigma Technology  +
Analysing Engine Performance based on Vehicle Data +Estimate engine perfromance based on data logged on-board Volvo vehicles and using it for diagnostics, e.g. detection of cylinder heads in need of replacement  +
Analysing comments (NLP) for Malware Analysis +Analysing the comments of users in the WebStore to look for malware patterns  +
Analysis of Ambient Sound in HINT +Machine Learning applied to sound classification. Creation (recoding and annotation) of new a sound database and a baseline system for sound event detection and/or localization  +
Analysis of Multi-Lingual Vehicle Service Histories +Automatic translation and similarity evaluation of multi-lingual natural text descriptions of vehicle repair and maintenance operations  +
Analysis of industrial time series +studying the recent advances in time series forecasting and their application in modelling time series of Alfa Laval's industrial machines  +
Analysis of multi-machine/multi-sensor data +Data mining on multi-machine/multi-sensor time series data  +
Analysis of ocular image synthesis for cross-spectral recognition +analyze the performance of generative model for image-to-image translation of ocular images between different spectrum  +
Analyzing Human Motion using Inertial Sensors +Develop an algorithm that can detect walking events from accelerometers positioned at different parts of the body.  +
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