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2008 15th International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT 2008 and MACOM 2008 Workshop Proceedings +Conference Proceedings  +
2009 International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications & Workshops, ICUMT 2009 +Conference Proceedings  +
2011 11th International Conference on ITSTelecommunications +Conference Proceedings  +
2011 Baltic Congress on Future Internet and Communications (BCFIC Riga 2011) +Conference Proceedings  +
2012 2nd Baltic Congress on Future Internet Communications +Conference Proceedings  +


3GPP LTE Versus IEEE 802.11p/WAVE : Which Technology is Able to Support Cooperative Vehicular Safety Applications? +Journal Paper  +


A "Smart Bedroom" as an Active Database System +Conference Paper  +
A Centralized Channel Assignment Algorithm for Clustered Ad Hoc Networks +Conference Paper  +
A Communication Library for Mapping Dataflow Applications on Manycore Architectures +Conference Paper  +
A Communication Library for Mapping Dataflow Applicationson Manycore Architectures +Conference Paper  +
A Compositional Implementation of Modbus in Protege +Conference Paper  +
A Congruence Rule Format with Universal Quantification +Conference Paper  +
A Core Language for Executable Models of Cyber Physical Systems : work in progress report +Conference Paper  +
A Core Language for Executable Models of Cyber-Physical Systems (Preliminary Report) +Conference Paper  +
A Database-Centric Architecture for Home-Based Health Monitoring +Book Chapter  +
A Design Methodology for Resource to Performance Tradeoff Adjustment in FPGAs +Conference Paper  +
A Device for Conversion of a Binary Floating-Point Number into a Binary 2-Logarithm or the Opposite +Patent  +
A Domain Specific Approach to Network Software Architecture : Assuring Conformance Between Architecture and Code +Conference Paper  +
A Domain-Specific Language Approach to Protocol Stack Implementation +Conference Paper  +
A Domain-specific Approach for Software Development on Manycore Platforms +Journal Paper  +
A Ethernet based Metropolitan Area Open Access Architecture +Conference Paper  +
A Fibre-Optic AWG-Based Real-Time Network and Its Applicability to High-Performance Embedded Computing +Conference Paper  +
A First Course on Cyber Physical Systems +Conference Paper  +
A Gentle Introduction to Multi-stage Programming, Part II +Conference Paper  +
A Library for Processing Ad hoc Data in Haskell : Embedding a Data Description Language +Conference Paper  +
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