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360 VR stereo delivery streaming +Magnus Jonsson  +


A Peer-to-Peer Extension to the Acumen Modeling Language +Walid Taha and Dominykas Barisas  +
A Simulation Based Approach to Estimate Energy Consumption for Chip-Multiprocessor +Zain Ul-Abdin  +, Essayas Gebrewahid  +
A many-core architecture description language +Tomas Nordström  +, Süleyman Savaş  +
A many-core virtual machine concept +Tomas Nordström  +, Süleyman Savaş  +
Acoustic bullet detection and measurement +Stefan Axelsson  +, Pererik Andreasson  +
Act Normal – Driving Behavior Model Identification +Tony Larsson (HH) F308  +, Stefan Byttner (HH) E505 and Cristofer Englund (Viktoria Swedish ICT)  +
Acumen Robot Model Series +Roland Philippsen  +, Walid Taha  +
Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +Tony Larsson  +, Maytheewat Aramrattana  +
Angle invariant radar reflectors for autmotive safety +Pererik Andreasson  +, Josef Bigun  +, Emil Nilsson  +,
Auto Generation of Embedded Controllers from High Level Specification +Walid Taha  +, Thomas Lithen  +
Automatic Testing of Systems on Chip +Mohammad Reza Mousavi  +, In cooperation with Ericsson Lund  +


Booking system for charging stations for electric cars. +Erik Hertz  +
Bridging the Gap between Acumen and Modelica +Walid Taha  +, Adam Duracz  +, And Yingfu Zeng  +
Building a visual Truck model in CANoe +Mohammad Reza Mousavi  +, Walid Taha  +


Comparative study of an automated testing coverage for a TCP/IP stack implementation +Wojciech Mostowski  +
Compiling Simulation Code +Adam Duracz  +, Walid Taha  +
Computaionla design and analysis of Kinematic close chain mechatronic applications. +Molfino, Rezia  +
Computational algorithms for radar point target clouds +Emil Nilsson  +, Johan Thunberg  +
Computationally efficient radar estimation from multiple radar sensors +Johan Thunberg  +, Emil Nilsson  +, Pererik Andreasson  +
Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Confined Areas +Magnus Jonsson  +, Alexey Vinel  +
Control system for automotive radar +Pererik Andreasson  +, Emil Nilsson  +


Design Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Manycore Architectures +Zain Ul-Abdin  +, Süleyman Savaş  +
Design and Analysis of Coordination Methods for Vehicle Platoon Merge +Tony Larsson  +, Maytheewat Aramrattana  +
Digital forensics investigations of IoT using electromagnetic side channels +Stefan Axelsson  +, Mark Dougherty  +, Mohamed Eldefrawy  +
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