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Publications:An agent framework to support sensor networks' setup and adaptation + , Publications:Analyzing different levels of geographic context awareness in agent ferrying over VANETs + , Publications:Cooperation among wirelessly connected static and mobile sensor nodes for surveillance applications + , Publications:Coordinating aerial robots and unattended ground sensors for intelligent surveillance systems + , Publications:Coordination Mechanism and Customizable Hardware Platform to Provide Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Support + , Publications:Decentralized task distribution among cooperative UAVs in surveillance systems applications + , Publications:Enhanced Wireless Sensor Network Setup Strategy Supported by Intelligent Software Agents + , Publications:Enhanced pheromone-based mechanism to coordinate UAVs and WSN nodes on the ground + , Publications:Evaluation of coordination strategies for heterogeneous sensor networks aiming at surveillance applications + , Publications:Experimental Analysis of Coordination Strategies to Support Wireless Sensor Networks Composed by Static Ground Sensors and UAV-Carried Sensors + , Publications:Experimental Analysis of a Wireless Sensor Network Setup Strategy Provided by an Agent-Oriented Middleware + , Publications:Exploring geographic context awareness for data dissemination on mobile ad hoc networks + , Publications:Geo-aware Handover of Mission Agents Using Opportunistic Communication in VANET + , Publications:Handling Failures of Static Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network by Use of Mobile Sensors + , Publications:Middleware Support for Wireless Sensor Networks : a survey + , Publications:Multi-Agent Support in a Middleware for Mission-Driven Heterogeneous Sensor Networks + , Publications:Pheromone-based coordination strategy to static sensors on the ground and unmanned aerial vehicles carried sensors + , Publications:UAV relay network to support WSN connectivity + , Publications:Using a Link Metric to Improve Communication Mechanisms and Real-Time Properties in an Adaptive Middleware for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks + Author


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