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A Congruence Rule Format with Universal Quantification +Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  +
A Core Language for Executable Models of Cyber Physical Systems : work in progress report +ACM SIGBED Review ; Volume 8 Issue 2  +
A Core Language for Executable Models of Cyber-Physical Systems (Preliminary Report) +IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops  +
A Database-Centric Architecture for Home-Based Health Monitoring +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; Vol. 8277  +
A Domain-Specific Language Approach to Protocol Stack Implementation +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 5937  +
A Gentle Introduction to Multi-stage Programming, Part II +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; Vol. 5235  +
A Library for Processing Ad hoc Data in Haskell : Embedding a Data Description Language +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 5836  +
A Pipelined Ring Network - Heterogeneous Real-time in Radar Signal Processing +Applied Informatics ; 21  +
A Semantic Analysis of C++ Templates +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 4067  +
A Spatial QoS Requirements Specification for V2V Applications +IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium ; 2010  +
A Symbolic Approach to Human Motion Analysis Using Inertial Sensors : Framework and Gait Analysis Study +Halmstad University Dissertations ; 2  +
A Two Level Approach to the Design of Software for Cooperating Embedded Systems +IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics ; 2009  +
A domain-specic approach for software development on manycore platforms +ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News ; Vol. 36 Issue 5  +
A pipelined fiber-ribbon ring network with heterogeneous real-time support +Technical report / Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University ; 2006:006  +
A real-time medium access protocol supporting dynamic spectrum allocation in industrial networks +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 8310  +
A rule format for associativity +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 5201  +
A rule format for unit elements +Computer science report ; 09-13  +
Adaptive Cooperative Awareness Messaging for Enhanced Overtaking Assistance on Rural Roads +IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall) ; 2011  +
Algebraic Meta-Theory of Processes with Data +Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science ; 120  +
Algorithm for the choice of topology in reconfigurable networks with real-time support +Research Report, School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering (IDE), Halmstad University, Sweden ; IDE - 0786  +
An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm For Interference-Aware Cluster-heads Selection in Ad hoc Networks +Proceedings: International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications  +
Analysis of Efficient TDMA Schedules via the Fat-Tree Network with Real-Time Many-to-Many Communication +Applied informatics, proceedings  +
Analysis problems in a spatial reuse ring network with a simple clocking strategy +Technical Report ; IDE - 0253  +
Analytical software design : introduction and industrial experience report +Computer Science Report ; 10-01  +
Ant Colony Optimization for Channel Assignment Problem in Clustered Mobile Ad Hoc Network +Lecture Notes in Computer Science ; 7928  +
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