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IFIP Working Group 2.11, Eleventh Meeting

June 25-27, 2012, Halmstad, Sweden

Venue and Travel

The meeting will be held at Halmstad University in Sweden, June 25-27, hosted by Walid Taha. Registration and hotel booking deadline: May 7th. The meeting starts June 25th in the morning, and ends with a lunch on June 27th.

For accommodation, you are recommended the Hotel Mårtensson. To get a special rate of SEK 928/night including breakfast and VAT, booking must be made by either by e-mail to malin.nilsson@firsthotels.se or by phoning them, tel: +46 35 17 75 75, as this is a group arrangement. Use the booking code sent to you by email (contact [Ulrik Schultz ] if you do not have it.) To get this rate, you must book by May 7th, and you should not book through the hotel's web page (but by email, as described above). If you want more information or review other booking options, please see http://www.firsthotels.com/Our-hotels/Hotels-in-Sweden/Halmstad/First-Hotel-Martenson/.

The official directions for getting to campus can be found here. To simplify matters, if you are flying in internationally you might find it easiest to fly into Copenhagen (CPH) airport, which is locally known as Kastrup (as on the instructions on the above mentioned page). The best thing about flying into CPH is that you just buy a train ticket and take a train to Halmstad when you arrive. The train leaves from the airport itself. Once in Halmstad, everything is either in walking distance or a short cab ride away. Usually there are cabs at the station, but in case there are none there is a little phone that connects directly to the local taxi company.

Note that CPH is in Denmark, which is a different country. So, if you need visas for European countries, make sure you get one that works for both. If for some reason you cannot or do not want to use CPH, the next best international airport is in Gothenburg (GOT), locally known as Landvetter. The tricky thing about using that airport is that you would first have to take a 45 minute shuttle from the airport to the Gothenburg train station, and then take the train to Halmstad. That's one transfer and one wait.

Getting to the venue

The meeting is in Wigforssalen, Visionen Building, Halmstad University. To get there from one of the hotels, you can either walk or go there by bus. The university is about 1500m from the train station, it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk there from the station, probably 30 minutes from hotel Martenson, along the route indicated in this map Media:Map_to_Halmstad_University.pdf. When you get to the university, you will see a big sign with the university logo on on the right side. The Visionen house is just behind the tower house within the campus area. Visionen is house "H" on the university map. The meeting is on the 21st floor of the building, in the room called "Faculty club".

You can also get to the university by bus. Note that buses do not cash, but you can pay with a credit card (or purchase a multi-ride ticket in advance). To catch a bus from hotel Martenson, go to the Osterskans bus terminal which is on the other side of Nissan from Martenson, at the end of Osterbro (go south to the square, then across the bridge). The numbers of the relevant buses are 20 to Fyllinge (every 15 minutes in the morning) and 30 to N Andersberg (every half hour). They stop very close to the university (same stop, "Hogskolan", after about 6 minutes of bus ride, 1 zone of travel). Of course you can take them back to town center too, in this case the bus stop is on the other side of the street outside the university. To get more information on bus traffic, look at Hallandstrafiken (they have information in English).

Related events

The workshop on Reversible Computing RC 2012 is located in Copenhagen the week after, July 2-3.


Registration is done using Paypal, deadline is May 7th, and the registration fee is SEK 2500. Link is available in the left-hand column on this page. Registration covers lunch, dinners, coffee breaks, and transportation for an excursion.

Please remember to either add yourself to the list of attendees or send an email to [Ulrik Schultz ]. If you are giving a talk, please either add your topic to the list below or email Ulrik.


Sven Apel (Monday+Tuesday), Emilie Balland, Eric Bodden, Edwin Brady, Anthony Cleve (Monday+Tuesday), Olivier Danvy, Ewen Denney, Bernd Fischer, Robert Glueck, Gorel Hedin, Christoph Herrmann, Jun Inoue, Christian Kaestner, Julia Lawall, Christian Lengauer, Peter Mosses, John O'Donnell (talk Monday or Tuesday), Markus Puschel, Klaus Ostermann, Morten Rhiger, Ina Schaefer, Sven-Bodo Scholz, Ulrik Schultz, Tony Sloane, Walid Taha, Eelco Visser, Eric Van Wyk

Pictures from the meeting: [album from Walid Taha]


If you are giving a talk, email Ulrik the title and the abstract. Alternatively, if you have access to the wiki, add it yourself following the examples below:


Discussion: Discussion

Overall schedule including lunch and dinner arrangements: Overall schedule (google docs)

Talk schedule (see also overall schedule):